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Splinter Cell Conviction

Posted in Inspiration on October 27, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

Not so long ago I was giving Splinter Cell Conviction a whirl and came across one level that really caught my eye. There’s one level in which Sam Fisher infiltrates a science facility and some of the models in here were just too good to be left unnoticed, so here’s the grabs.

Storage type wall that really grabbed my eye. Think I last saw this design at my local library. Think we need it!

Safety Lab Front

Safety Lab to the side. The automaton hands just scream chemical warefare…which is why I love them so 🙂

Some computers head on

Servers linked up

Thinking about it more closely all the Conviction team had to do was to take photos and accurately model them, but its the level of detail that really slapped me round the face a few times when I was playing this game. You hardly ever see a model in any game not duplicated at least twice for some spacious effort, but in this level there were plenty of exceptions to be seen and it really made me smile.

If we can work on the ideas and build them around our game model over the remaining 20 weeks, I think we’ll definitely have something worthy to call our own.


Items for the Kitchen

Posted in Production on October 27, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

So we needed misc models to stand around idly in the kitchen area. I’ve been using a website called Lost Wackeys ( to base some of these models from. It’s basically a satirical graphic design project which has taken itself to redesign packages over 60-80s of American supermarket products. Some of them are very funny, I suggest you check it out.

Anyway I’ve been getting a bit too carried away in terms of texturing, especially when most of the text will hardly be readable when downsized in the Unreal Engine. Either way, here’s how they look before the downsizing.

Cracker Box

Cereal Multipack

Toothpaste/Protein Snack

Bleach (I know this looks terribly underdeveloped now, but hopefully some normal work and texturing in UnrealEd will sort out the shine and metal cap finish somewhat.)

Beer Can

I was playing Fallout and…

Posted in Inspiration, Production on October 26, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

I went to the bathroom to drink some radiated tap water, looked at the wall then decided that its hand dryer would look much better in our game 🙂

Testing Models in the Engine

Posted in Production on October 25, 2010 by Martin Haythornthwaite

When I’m creating assets for a game, I like to continually test them out in the Games engine, and make improvements, or small adjustments where needed. The following are some early models I have created.

Chair to be placed in the reception area of the space station


A games table to be placed in the kitchen and dining area of the station.

Games table and stools

A bed for tired Spacemen and women.


Takagishi Animation Screen

Posted in Production on October 23, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

So here’s the animated section that will display before and after the user interfaces with the computer. Just need some sounds to go with it.

Some Extra Models

Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

So I finished this model tonight. Its the ventilation system that will hang in the ceiling above each room in the station.

And this is where the idea from for the model came from (look up). Yep 2001 again, damn that film is friggin awesome!

Here’s a simple PDA modelled for the desk or wherever, just extra space place clutter 🙂

Some 3D Screenies

Posted in Uncategorized on October 21, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

The work plan for this project is quite hectic. We’re going to need to churn out at least two models every week for the next 15/14 weeks to complete on it. Here’s some I completed over the past two weeks. As you can see from the style we’ve gone with a more retro future look.

Reception TV Monitor:

Desk Light:

Workstation Computer:

Chocolate Box: