Items for the Kitchen

So we needed misc models to stand around idly in the kitchen area. I’ve been using a website called Lost Wackeys ( to base some of these models from. It’s basically a satirical graphic design project which has taken itself to redesign packages over 60-80s of American supermarket products. Some of them are very funny, I suggest you check it out.

Anyway I’ve been getting a bit too carried away in terms of texturing, especially when most of the text will hardly be readable when downsized in the Unreal Engine. Either way, here’s how they look before the downsizing.

Cracker Box

Cereal Multipack

Toothpaste/Protein Snack

Bleach (I know this looks terribly underdeveloped now, but hopefully some normal work and texturing in UnrealEd will sort out the shine and metal cap finish somewhat.)

Beer Can


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