Computer Remodelled

The first computer I cracked out seemed ok at first, but as the vibe of the station has progressed more to a retro future I wanted a redesign (seeing as this would probably be duplicated several times around the station).

Mr Cronenberg’s, Scanners was on TV recently and for a for the first time in a while I actually watched it past the bit with the exploding head (the highlight of the film in the first 5 minutes). Towards the end of the film the evil guy colluding with Revok gets down and dirty with some tech guys and I couldn’t help but love their computers.

The chunkiness was something I wanted and the creamy off white is a colour that’s so reminiscent of old school computing that it was a given that would be the style of the computers in our station. The keyboard has also been modelled this time around so we can make a nice normal map for UnrealEd.


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