AI Computer Part 2

Today I imported the mesh of the AI computer into the Unreal engine, only to find out that it seems imposable to animate an InterpActor that all ready has animation applied to it using Matinee. I want a hatch on the front of the computer to open so the player can place items inside.

After numerous hours trying different setups in Kismet, I found my self very stuck. It was time for a break, Switching off my computer and starting to make some very tasty wedges for my dinner, I thought of creating a simple bone structure for the mesh and animate it in Maya. I then export the skeletal mesh and the animation into Unreal.

Countless hours later after creating the bone structure, weighting, animating, exporting, importing, setting up in content browser and finally Kismet I got it to work.

Please check out video of final result.


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