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Main Menu Design

Posted in 2D Design, 3D Design, Inspiration, Production on November 24, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

Today I began the main menu design and boy has it been a long day. I had a vague outline of what I wanted in terms of looks but didn’t really know how to sugar coat the package.

The first brain nugget that came to me was to have the main menu as a cockpit display from the inside of the pizza delivery boy’s shuttle. We had talked about modelling the interior of the craft early into the start of the project but realistically it’s not going to be done in the time frame so I felt this was a way to shed light some light in that direction but also (and this is where is gets super cool) to give a aerial display of the moon surface and the space station itself.

Another reason for the interior menu was that the whole of our base is going to be looking super high tech in comparison to the low tech budget ship given to our pizza delivery boy protagonist. This design mixes around the ambience of the game (somewhat) and makes the surroundings seem a little more varied.

I based the final design around these menus in particular. You can spot which areas of design I borrowed for the final mockup.

Fallout 3

Blade Runner

Resistance: Fall of Man

Final Design

The black area in the middle will feature a looping video of the space station from orbit.


Computer Remodelled

Posted in Inspiration, Production on November 7, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

The first computer I cracked out seemed ok at first, but as the vibe of the station has progressed more to a retro future I wanted a redesign (seeing as this would probably be duplicated several times around the station).

Mr Cronenberg’s, Scanners was on TV recently and for a for the first time in a while I actually watched it past the bit with the exploding head (the highlight of the film in the first 5 minutes). Towards the end of the film the evil guy colluding with Revok gets down and dirty with some tech guys and I couldn’t help but love their computers.

The chunkiness was something I wanted and the creamy off white is a colour that’s so reminiscent of old school computing that it was a given that would be the style of the computers in our station. The keyboard has also been modelled this time around so we can make a nice normal map for UnrealEd.

Splinter Cell Conviction

Posted in Inspiration on October 27, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

Not so long ago I was giving Splinter Cell Conviction a whirl and came across one level that really caught my eye. There’s one level in which Sam Fisher infiltrates a science facility and some of the models in here were just too good to be left unnoticed, so here’s the grabs.

Storage type wall that really grabbed my eye. Think I last saw this design at my local library. Think we need it!

Safety Lab Front

Safety Lab to the side. The automaton hands just scream chemical warefare…which is why I love them so 🙂

Some computers head on

Servers linked up

Thinking about it more closely all the Conviction team had to do was to take photos and accurately model them, but its the level of detail that really slapped me round the face a few times when I was playing this game. You hardly ever see a model in any game not duplicated at least twice for some spacious effort, but in this level there were plenty of exceptions to be seen and it really made me smile.

If we can work on the ideas and build them around our game model over the remaining 20 weeks, I think we’ll definitely have something worthy to call our own.

I was playing Fallout and…

Posted in Inspiration, Production on October 26, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

I went to the bathroom to drink some radiated tap water, looked at the wall then decided that its hand dryer would look much better in our game 🙂