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I Had a Truck Load of Fun Making This!

Posted in Planning on October 8, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

Heres a lovely little gantt chart for the production of the game. Thank fuck for SmartDraw. Click to enlarge.



The Narrative/Function

Posted in Planning on October 8, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

This is where things started to get interesting. Developing the narrative flow for the game was our first step in thinking how about are going to schedule the workflow. The basic premise is that your a pizza delivery boy sent on a job to delivery pizzas to a space station. Only problem is, it’s a prank call. Your boss is pissed someone’s sent you all the way to moon with a truck load of pizzas and no one is there to pay you. You got to find the money and get the heck off that rock.

The basic flow for the narrative goes something like this (click to enlarge).

The games narrative itself it split into five segments. Although it may look like there’s a lot to it for first time mod makers the basic operational mechanics of the game will just be true/false statements for when the character is or is not holding a current item.

The Setup

Posted in Planning with tags , , on October 8, 2010 by Sam Gilmore

So for this final year of a crack pot college situated in the middle of gangland Nottingham, Martin and myself started formulating ideas for a mod included in the Unreal Engine. We did have some ideas written down on paper but a feral stork came along and ate it, quite like the way they eat babies at Christmas.

We looked for a game schematic that would fulfil each of our own ambitions, desires and demands for a game. Martin was looking for a puzzle orientated adventure to experiment heavily with Kismet while surrounded with illustrious assortment of high poly 3D models (satisfying his insatiable urge to conquer the world through nicely crafted virtual items).  While I demanded some genre mixing, narrative driven story piece. We ended with…dadadaaaaaaa…The Pizza Delivery Boy From Outta Space. Fuck yeah!