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Meet Gibson

Posted in Level Design, Production, Programming on March 16, 2011 by Martin Haythornthwaite

This is the latest video of our game, it shows significant development  to the level. It also shows our  first attempt of the AI computer’s voice, a character by the name of Gibson.

Gibson will be used to driving the story of the game at times and it is very important that the player can hear and understand what Gibson is saying. For this reason both me and Sam have decided that this first attempt at his voice is not right.  We were using a text to speak program, but now have asked a friend to do the voice. We feel that it will also improve they relationship we want the player to have with Gibson as more emotion can be added by a voice actor reading the script that both me and Sam have written.


Power for the Teleporter!

Posted in 3D Design, Production on February 18, 2011 by Sam Gilmore

So the narrative of the game has changed a little bit which was to be expected. A sequence closer to the end of the level requires the player to find and restore power to the teleporters to return home. Here they are. (Click to enlarge)

Adding power to the Level

Posted in 3D Design, Level Design, Production with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on January 30, 2011 by Martin Haythornthwaite

This is the latest video of our game. It shows the player finding a battery and adding it to a power unit, so they can open a door and move to the next room. It has all been done using Kismet. The Video also shows a lot of other meshes that we have both been working on. Most are finished, but some still need amending.

Communications Video With Pizza Boss

Posted in 2D Design, Motion Graphics, Production on January 19, 2011 by Sam Gilmore

Ok. So if you’ve read so far back as our post on the chronology of events for the game (viewable here), you’ll know there’s a part in the game in which our main man has to phone home in order to figure out what to do next.

My good friend William Bloomfield recorded a scene with one of his friends pretending to be the chef for our “Rocket Powered Pizzas” company. The recorded dialogue that came out was hilarious, was pretty hard finding the clip we wanted from the medley of amazingness he sent me. Within the gaming environment is kinda annoying because on the one hand you want to tell a really good story but on the other your faced with possibly annoying the player for making him/her stand idle too long, watching a video or cut sequence. I think we got it just right.

All sounds were created within Logic, visual effects created within After Effects. Remember this is to become a material for one of our computer screens in game, so the aspect ratio has been created portrait for a reason.

Another Computer Model!

Posted in 3D Design, Production on January 19, 2011 by Sam Gilmore

Well Howdy Ho guys! This is a new computer work station model I completed yesterday. Felt we needed one more computer model to fill up the work station area of our space station so I think this will suffice. Anyway I was browsing Gizmodo one day and found this really cool photo from the Computer Museum some place in America. Super sweet eh?

Based on this:

Computer Terminal 2 (Final Outcome):

Simple, but functional

Posted in 3D Design with tags , , , , , , , on January 15, 2011 by Martin Haythornthwaite

Within the space station here are three locked doors to open. My job was to create a  design to indicate to the player away to open the door.

I liked the idea of a hand scanner for a futuristic feel. This also worked with the idea that the player had to find power for the station before it would work and unlock.

Keeping the mesh very simple, I then created three variations of the materials for the scanner. One for no power, one for locked and another for unlocked.

Hand scanner

To fully admire this effective design you have to see the materials in action. This will be shown in my next video that I make. So please stay tuned.

Bonsai Tree

Posted in 3D Design on January 8, 2011 by Martin Haythornthwaite

Today I created my Third tree ever in Speed tree. Its a small Bonsai to go in the reception area. I created a pot separately in Maya.

Bonsai tree

Plant pot

Just one problem! Can not turn the f**king wind off  the model, tried everything. Setting wind to zero does not work. Importing the mesh with no wind attached failed. Grrr.

Please let me off this minor thing. You might not have noticed it until I pointed it out. I will just have to make a giant fan to place next to it